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Pheonix down

Well I've decided to get a new LJ. I'm really sick of all the crap that was on my old one. It had no purpose and it looked horrible. So I'm restarting with a new account, but a not-so-new name. Hopefully I will be good and start posting the things I've done soon so that you all can see them ^_^
So yes, I will try and post any fanart, doodles, poems, and other random pen-and-paper related things.

And just because I feel like sharing - I got bleeding hearts! No, I am not emo, I'm talking about the plant. It's  rather beautiful plant and most people who are into Alice in Wonderland should know what it is. It's very small now but once it gets bigger I'll take pictures of it and show you what they look like. And BIg Ben is coming back to life already! (That's what we named my blackberry bush, because he grew nearly 20 times his size in one year) My strawberry plants are springing back to life faster than I can care for them, they've grown out of their kiddie pool O.o yes, I put them in a kiddie pool because I didn't have enough money to build a real garden for them. Anyway, hopefully the flowers come back to life sometime soon, those hostas always made it look so nice.I think I might let them all gro wild this year, because they've grown so big and I don't have the heart to mess with them. Though I suppose I could always just replant the overgrowth and give them to Kristina or Kate, Kate'd probably like the cute little flowers that grow on the strawberry plants.
So yes if you've actually read all this you're quite crazy and you should add me because you're probably awesome. ^_^
See you all later!



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